GCE: Regions are visible but Network is not visible in Add Server Group


I added an account to manage project other than current within same organization. Below is the command.

sudo hal config provider google account add gcp-spinnaker-dev --regions us-east1 --project the-dev --json-path ~/.gcp/gcp-spinnaker-dev.json

In Deploy stage I am trying to add a server group where I can see account and the region but network and subnet of respective project is not visible. It was visible with default account added through Google Click to Deploy for Spinnaker. Looks like something is wrong with above command.

Please help.


@sandeepmgupta The service account json i.e gce-spinnaker-dev.json is that service account added into the other gcp project called (the-dev) under IAM as Network user?


I found the issue. It was not visible because the cache was not clear. I had to forcefully clear all cache in Config menu of respective application in Spinnaker.