Failed on startup: unmatched expected artifact


Hello, I’m trying to follow manual
I added in configuration stage two artifacts: helm package and values.yaml (http/file).
In stage ‘Bake (Manifest)’ I configured to use these artifacts with account http account. However, when I start pipeline it even doesn’t start with status: Terminal. Error is:

Failed on startup: Unmatched expected artifact ExpectedArtifact(matchArtifact=Artifact(type=http/file, name=assets-service-2018.43.6-af29aaf.tgz, version=null, location=null, reference=, metadata={kind=custom}, artifactAccount=null, provenance=null, uuid=null), usePriorArtifact=false, useDefaultArtifact=false, defaultArtifact=Artifact(type=null, name=null, version=null, location=null, reference=null, metadata={kind=custom}, artifactAccount=null, provenance=null, uuid=null), id=db0bb34b-ce9f-48d1-983a-5e396b610bc1, boundArtifact=null) could not be resolved.


I run pipeline manually and it didn’t receive input artifacts. In order to do that it’s necessary to enable option “Use default artifact” and configure it same as expected.