Externalize Redis and persistent storage

Hi all, just trying to understand the persistent storage aspect of Spinnaker. Currently in Halyard (hal config) we have the following configuration and we don’t have any service specific (ex: front50 or orca etc) storage settings. Does it mean that all the services (front50, orca) are using this AZ blob as persistent storage ?

I also read this document where they talk about persistence for orca, front50 and clouddriver (https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/productionize/persistence/front50-sql/). Lets say when i configure this, will i NOT need the AZ blob that is currently setup or it will still continue to be used but front50, orca and clouddriver will now use their respective SQLs and not the AZ. If so what will still use the AZ ?

Plus, there is this option of ‘Externalising’ Redis https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/productionize/caching/externalize-redis/. When i say configure this, and the persistence settings for orca, front50 and clouddriver to SQL as above link and plus the persistentStorage of type azs, what will be over all effect ? As in, which services will use what storage ? Could’nt find this in documentation so would appreciate clarity.

persistentStoreType: azs
storageAccountName: xxxx
storageAccountKey: xxxxxxx
storageContainerName: spinnaker
rootFolder: front50
redis: {}
rootFolder: front50
oracle: {}