Exporting configuration of spinnaker halyard to another installation



I am new to this forum and to Spinnaker. One of my first tasks is to export configuration from an existing standalone spinnaker and make it HA avaialbe in Kubernetes. Understood that there are differences, however all the account\ repositories etc should not be repeated. How to go about using those.

I will appreciate your assistance. Ideally there could be a way to generate yaml file and import it after doing the necessary changes. You can even ideally write a chef cookbook that pattern match and changes base don environment\ cluster you are doing this.


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Not sure and will explore it more when getting time, but thought the backup of hal commanmd

hal backup create and hal backup restore is that an option


The backups are meant to make it easy to move halconfigs (& their required files) between machines/users, as well as restore prior state. Keep in mind it takes no precautions around encrypting your secrets – that’s up to the user.


Does this state also include cluster and pipeline histories? Or just the configurations?
How do I take a complete backup of spinnaker so as to restore it in the event the VMs/cluster on which spinnaker is running crashes OR it is to be reconstructed at a different location from current state (including config as well as spinnaker state?


Clusters are derived from running infrastructure.

Pipeline configurations are stored in S3/GCS (whatever the hal config storage points at.

Pipeline executions are stored in Redis.