Exception ( Deploy Manifest ) retrofit.RetrofitError: 500


We’ve configured an expected artifact consisting of a K8 Manifest file that we reuse for the Deploy Manifest stage by selecting the expected artifact. If we enter it as Text, it works without a problem. However, as an artifact it fails with the following, “Exception ( Deploy Manifest ) retrofit.RetrofitError: 500”. We would appreciate any help. Thank you


We ran into the exact same problem, and are also using manually-entered manifests as well as a work-around. Haven’t solved it yet.


Take a look at both Orca and Clouddriver’s logs and post any exceptions you find to this thread.


My solution was updating the Account associated to the Manifest deployment. It turned out that Spinnaker was implicitly choosing an account (the wrong one). I didn’t notice this at first and the error is misleading.