Error during "hal deploy apply" after updating spinnaker to 1.9


I have done following commands

  1. gsutil cp gs://platform-v2/halyard/service-settings/*.yml /home/halyard/.hal/default/service-settings
  2. ‘sudo update-halyard’
  3. hal config version edit --version 1.9.0
  4. hal config features edit --artifacts true
  5. hal config artifact gcs account add gcs-artifact-account --json-path ~/.gcp/gcs.json
  6. hal config artifact gcs enable
  7. hal config provider kubernetes account add XXXX-application-cluster-t7m-v2 --docker-registries gcr --provider-version v2 --context $(kubectl config current-context)
  8. hal deploy apply

now i am getting following error. What should I do now. Help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Can you check what the full path is to your gcs.json key in your ~/.hal/config file? It looks from the error message like the path to the key might be in /root/.gcp/gcs.json which (depending on permissions) may not be accessible to the user you’re actually using to run the hal deploy apply.