Documentation about Spinnaker and Consul


Hi there,

I have seen that consul is supported but I could not find any tutorial or documentation on how to setup spinnaker and consul.

Checking github repos I see that consul support has not been updated in long time.

Is still supported?
Where can I find documentation about it?




Which cloud provider are you on? We have it setup to work for GCE, but nobody has done the AWS/Azure integration yet.



thanks for quick reply!

Which cloud provider are you on? none :smiley:

We are using RHV and VMware vSphere as hypervisor and our apps are on virtual machines, that is why I was interested on Consul support.

As per the link I assume that it is not supported, but is there any way to make it work?



So far there’s no way to deploy to VMware alone, you’d need Openstack or Kubernetes running in your cluster to have a surface for Spinnaker to manage.

If you’re interested in looking at writing support for VMware we coulkd get that started in a separate discussion :slight_smile:.


I see. About VMware support I would love to but…not a developer here xD