Deploying Spinnaker in k8s behind skipper: DomException Failed to execute 'insertBefore'



I’m attempting to deploy Spinnaker as a collection of microservices running on a Kubernetes cluster on AWS. We are generally using Skipper as our ingress controller, so I have set up ingresses for deck and gate at to make these publicly (within our network) accessible at our,local,domain/skip-deck/ and https://our,local,domain/skip-gate/.

However, the web UI at skip-deck doesn’t seem quite right. In the console, I see errors like

react-dom.production.min.js:168 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'insertBefore' on 'Node': The node before which the new node is to be inserted is not a child of this node.
at insertBefore (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344807:99)
at commitPlacement (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344732:308)
at b (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344742:435)
at m (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344754:217)
at w (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344753:413)
at batchedUpdates (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344756:357)
at tc (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344639:269)
at vd (https://our.local.domain/spin-deck/vendors~app.js:344656:249)

Has anybody seen something similar to this? Or any pointers on how I can go about debugging this?