Deploying igor idenpendently


Hi All,

I am trying to deploy Igor idenpendely and able to build using steps mentioned

I have deployed but following below issues…

  1. My jenkins is using https so i have changed the gradlew with below line where cacerts has cert chanin of jenkins imported but I am still getting PKix error. So I am not sure whether i am using correctly. If anyone could help me with this will be really helpful.
  2. As I was facing an issue with central jenkins i deployed local jenkins without https but when i am trying to access the
    http://localhost:8088 - I am getting below out put.
    Nou sure what I should be seeing, All jenkins jobs listing?
    {“timestamp”:“2018-07-26T03:00:09.188+0000”,“status”:404,“error”:“Not Found”,“message”:“No message available”}

Thanks and Regards,