Custom Stage


Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to create a custom stage in Orca using this in order to use a custom API . It’s a good example, but I think I’m missing some pieces of the process.

Do you have any good guide to create a custom stage and the requiere steps besides orca?

Also, I’ve already tried using the Webhook Stage. I got it working, but I was trying to do it directly in Orca.

Thank you so much for you help!



Hey @m3libea - what do you think is missing? Any pointers to parts in the process that you got stuck on or are unsure of how to proceed at are helpful.

Also, what are you trying to accomplish in the custom stage?


If you got the webhook stage working, you could just create a preconfigured webhook. It will appear as a native stage in Deck. @ethanfrogers made a great writeup at


I followed the tutorial for a new stage (modifying Orca). The thing is, I’m still not getting the test Stage I created on Deck.

I’m certainly unsure about how to proceed here. The tutorial says that maybe I will need to update CloudDriver and Deck, but not sure what should I do there.

What I’m trying to accomplish is calls to a custom API basically. I know that I can do that with preconfigured webhooks, but I was wondering what should I change to get it done from scratch. Thank you @jervi for the link, I’ve already read that before and it was really helpful (kudos to @ethanfrogers! :slight_smile: )


For future users:

To create a new stage, you need to make backend changes to orca to implement the logic of the stage, and the
front-end changes to deck to implement the UI

As the tutorial mentioned, you have to implement your custom stage on the deck as well. It won’t appear out of the box.

A complete tutorial of creating a custom stage in orca, and adding UI would have been really helpful. Apparently it’s not yet contributed by anyone.