Create application with permissions using spin cli

I am trying to find info on how to create applications with permissions using spin cli.
In Spinnaker docs I see flags for
application-name, owner-email, and cloud-providers. Nothing on permissions.
When authz is enabled there is an option to add permissions when creating an app from the UI. Is it just not an option for spin cli at this time?

You can set these up by using the --file command like this…

spin application save --file=/home/myuser/spingoAdminApplication.json

Then within that file you create a JSON like this…

  "name": "spingoadmin",
  "email": "",
  "cloudProviders": "kubernetes",
  "trafficGuards": [],
  "instancePort": 80,
  "repoType": "github",
  "permissions": {
    "EXECUTE": [
    "WRITE": [
    "READ": [
  "user": ""