Could distributed Spinnaker (K8s) support to deploy AWS EC2



I have some legacy applications (not containers) which I have to support.

I don’t know if there is anyway the distributed Spinnaker (K8s) can deploy AWS EC2 instance.

I mean they can be API calls which call to AWS EC2 instead of Kubernetes API.

We can add the AWS Account, and then give Spinnaker pods the permission to create EC2 resources.

The dilemma is I don’t want to use LocalDebian on EC2 instance, it is not recommended for Production.




I think I found my problem, The CloudDriver Pod cannot evaluate the AWS permission. I had used KIAM for assigning role to Pod.

com.amazonaws.util.EC2MetadataUtils      : Unable to retrieve the requested metadata (/latest/dynamic/instance-identity/document). The requested metadata is not found at


I might found the problem. The KIAM agent prevent the Pod to query the metadata.

I temporarily choose to use AWS Access Key instead, before going back to Instance Profile