Configuring Redis Cache properly



I use Redis for caching following this guide:

Here is my copy of orca-local.yml

    enabled: true       # This enables old pipline cleanup.
    intervalMs: 3600000        # (Default 3,600,000, or 1 hour) How many milliseconds between pipeline cleanup runs.
    thresholdDays: 1     # (Default 30) How old a pipeline must be to be deleted.
    minimumPipelineExecutions: 5 # (Default 5) How many executions to keep around.
  daysOfExecutionHistory: 15  # How many days to keep old task executions around.

I don’t think I understand these settings correctly because my 1gb redis instance gets filled up pretty fast like within 1 to 2 weeks. Maybe I’m just underprovisioned and I don’t really understand what’s happening but if anyone could suggests a better configuration to support a 1gb cache, I’m all eyes. Thanks alot for your input!!