Collapsible sidebar


The number of sidebar headers & subtopics is growing quite large, making the sidebar unwieldy. The below picture captures half the headers in the “Setup” section, and that section is likely to keep growing. Maybe it’s time to make each header collapsible (and perhaps even allow for a 3rd level of nesting) to accommodate for the number of pages we have.

@ddorbin what are your thoughts on this? I know you mentioned the biggest con was that you lose the ability to use ctrl-F to search for headers/subheaders.


Zippies. I like 'em a lot, but some people don’t for the reason you mentioned.
One possible solution is to include a small, Expand/Collapse All button at the top.

This issue is the same for the sidebar TOC and for page content itself. I don’t think we use any zippies for page content but we could.


Never heard them called “zippies” - I think jquery once called them accordions?