Cloudformation stage - how to enable and configure

Hi all,
We have installed Spinnaker 1.15 to EKS.
We would like to use Cloudformation as a provisioning stage in our pipelines.
How do I enable and configure this please?
Thanks i advance for your input.

I’ve never used it but from what i can tell, you need to do the following:

  • Ensure application config has aws in the Cloud Provider
  • Create a new pipeline
  • Create a new stage with type Deploy (CloudFormation Stack)
  • Fill out the field

Hey thanks @sijis, I’ll give that a try.

Hi @sijis I cannot see anything related to Cloud Provider in my config.
Did you mean clouddriver ?
Can you please post the hal commands to show Cloud Provider information.
Thanks again…

Its not in halyard. I don’t believe there is anything in halyard that needs to be done.
What i was referring to was in the application config via the UI

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Did you guys make this work?
Please someone point to documentation for the aws cloud driver. At this moment in time if i search on maje$$tic google i get the github issues about the cloud driver but no documentation referrals.

i have a quick update:

  1. Enable AWS as a cloud provider
  2. in Deck UI use the stage cloud formation
  3. create an embedded artifact
  4. run the pipeline manually

Please refer to