CloudDriver Image Missing from Registry


Hi all,

While I was evaluating Spinnaker a few months ago, I had it up and running successfully on a Kubernetes cluster. Then I had to work on other things for a while, so to save resources I shut Spinnaker down (by setting the ReplicaSet size to 0 on most of the components).

I’ve just returned to Spinnaker because we want to start using it for real - but when I started it up, all the components achieved a Running state except for CloudDriver. Kubernetes was unable to pull the image because it’s not in the registry.

So I now have to upgrade Spinnaker before I can start using it, which is a bit of a pain since it was working fine.

But aside from the extra work, it raises a concern - if we start using Spinnaker on a daily basis, the chances of it being continually maintained and upgraded are slim, especially if it Just Works. But if images can disappear from the registry, then there’s no guarantee than an existing Spinnaker installation will come back after, say, a Kubernetes node failure.

The image in question was

Do we know whether this is a rare occurrence? Did someone delete the image accidentally, or can we expect images to vanish after a while? If images can routinely go missing, then I don’t see how we can trust a Kubernetes-based Spinnaker installation.




I believe that in general nightly builds are periodically purged to avoid unbounded storage growth, with the expectation that those who are running those builds are continuously updating. Official Spinnaker releases, on the other hand, are kept indefinitely.


Ah yes, that would explain it. I had to move onto a nightly build to obtain a bugfix. Time to try a “stable” version again…