Category Ideas


Let’s come up with some categories for discussion. I’ve created one for Kubernetes - I’m guessing that we should create ones for each supported cloud provider? Any other ideas? Or is that too much granularity/the wrong categorization?


It might be more specific than what we’re looking for here; less a category and more a topic. But it’s huge enough to us that it might warrant category status.


Other category ideas:

  • Documentation
  • Contributions


I think a topic wouldn’t be broad enough for some of these providers, I was imagining some topics under the Kubernetes category could look like

  • “V2 Provider Implementation”
  • “Configuring Horizontal Pod Autoscaling with Spinnaker”
  • “Deployment Objects vs. Spinnaker Deployment Strategies”
  • “Deploying Kubernetes Clusters with Spinnaker”
  • “Using Pipeline Templates to Represent Manifest Files”
  • “Managing Deployments of Stateful Applications in Spinnaker”

I don’t know as much about the other providers, but each offers a pretty wide range of features & possible use-cases.

:+1: to your other category ideas.


I think a “Setup” category for halyard & related discussion could be good



Another one:
Feature Requests


I’m worried that Feature Requests would have too much conflicting content with some of the other categories. If it’s its own category, it will always have to be triaged, whereas if features requests are filed in categories corresponding to their content, the people most active in those categories will see them immediately.


Makes sense, as long as we have a full-enough slate of categories to cover (nearly) all cases.


We should work this out in a shared doc


Do we have an easy way to share docs with all users of Discourse?




Hybrid environments


My vote would be to see where the community takes this thing. Once we start seeing who is posting and about what, we can categorize from there.


Yeah good point, let’s not overdo it. We should have some small semblance of structure/topics started though. Maybe we should instead be figuring out what to start writing/how to get discussion started once we publicize the forum?


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