Can't see "Find Image From Tags" in UI


:wave: !

I installed Spinnaker with Halyard by using the local debian method.

Everything works fine except that I cannot add a “Find Image from Tags” stage. I can create the stage by using JSON directly and it works but I don’t have the option in UI:

Any ideas ?


I have been seeing this as well.


Do you know if a bug is open about that ? (I couldn’t find any)

If not I can open one !


I have not seen one. I have not been able to reliably reproduce it yet.


Are you just trying to grab an image from your docker repository?
What I had to do to get this working was:

  1. In the hal config file under features, make a new entry (or modify, if it is already there).
    artifacts: true
  2. After deploying with the new config you should be able to see a new “Expected Artifacts” section near the bottom of the Configuration stage of a pipeline.
  3. Create a parameter for the docker tag that you want to deploy (for future reference I’ll call this docker-version)
  4. Select your docker registry and input the docker Image (Without the tag)
  5. Check the “Use Default Artifact” check box. Then in the docker image you can do the same url that you put in the earlier docker image plus the tag which will be the docker-version parameter that we set earlier. e.g.${parameters[‘docker-version’]}
  6. You can then have future stages that pulls the docker image from the configured artifact

I hope this helps!


Thanks for your help !

But I’m looking for an aws AMI not a Docker image.

I’ve looked in the doc but I don’t see anything regarding to AMI image.


Hi :slight_smile:
I’m issuing the same scenario. Have you managed to find a decent solution?



Yes ! The issue is gone after an upgrade to the latest version of Spinnaker.