Cannot deploy to gke

I am trying to build a deployment pipeline. This is my first time using spinnaker.

Intent is to:-

  1. push coad to github.
    ²) cloud build picks the change up and CI process creates a image and puts it in GCR.
  2. spinnaker pipeline pickup the image and deploys it to private GKE cluster.

What i have done so far and is working: -

  1. create single instance on GCE and deployed spinnaker
  2. CI process works perfectly fine.
    ³) spinnaker pipeline can search and detect the right image at the configuration step.
  3. i can see my gke cluster as well.

Where i am struggling right now:-

  1. deploy stage doesn’t show container option as shown in most tutorials, i am struggling to deploy to gke cluster.
  2. my deploy stage require a find or bake image stage before deploy. I tried finding image but cant figure out how to search based on key value tags in GCR.

I am not sure what i am doing wrong. I am very close to the solution but stuck at this step. Please let me know what needs to be done to deploy to gke after the trigger step.