Can Kayenta be used as a standalone service?

Hello all,

A quick bit of context, I work at a company that already has a well defined deployment process via Jenkins and CloudFormation and or Terraform. People have started expressing serious interest in Canary. I did a Hello World microservice POC with Spinnaker and Kayenta and really liked the simplicity of it.

I was wondering if Kayenta could be used as a standalone rest api or if it is too tightly coupled with the rest of Spinnaker.

What would be the minimum amount of Spinnaker infrastructure that would need to be operated to support the Kayenta rest API ( The UI is not a requirement ).

I would appreciate anyone that has insight to drop some knowledge on me.



Yes, Kayenta is built to be a stand-alone project, with no Spinnaker dependencies on services. It does use code from Spinnaker (orca, kork, etc) and without Spinnaker itself, has no automated execution or deployment or UI.

However, Kayenta only requires redis (and whatever metric service you use) to use the API.

Thanks for this information, Could you please share an example or any github source that has this procedure to use Kayenta standalone. Also, Are there any other alternate tools to Kayenta that can be considered for Canary Analysis, Please let me know…

I have the same requirements. We already have a deployment pipeline, We want to integrate the Canary analysis tool Kayenta to the same pipeline.
I can only see articles where Kayenta is used with Spinnaker.
Can you please describe more in detail as to how Kayenta can be used as standalone.

Check out the following:

Kayenta Frequently Asked Questions

Using Kayenta as a Standalone Service



And the following as a follow up post since this will only let me put 2 links in per post:

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