Blue/green deployment when deploying with k8s manifest


Sorry to be a noob here. How can we do blue/green deployment when deploying with kubernetes manifest, which I believe means using kubernetes v2 provider? I don’t seem to find the options in the UI. Thanks!



Hi Will, blue/green deployments are not yet supported in the V2/manifest provider. We are currently discussing options for best supporting this with manifest deployments, e.g. with the Deployment object.

In the meanwhile, as a stop-gap, you can “deploy” manifests to update traffic distribution for your workloads and services accordingly.



A quick update that I emailed in a response -

Today, you can do blue/green by deploying ReplicatSets and manipulating traffic (blue/green) by submitting Service manifests. Both would be done using the V2 Deploy(Manifest) stage.

This doesn’t work with Deployment objects, as those are orchestrator objects themselves, with consequences when reaching in (e.g. manipulating traffic).

We are finalizing plans for native enable/disable V2 stages. We took as long as we did since we were evaluating Istio as the traffic management mechanism, and decided we needed to also provide an option that didn’t require Istio. We expect to deliver these in Q4.