Bitbucket API 2.0 Repository Support

It appears that Bitbucket just pulled support for their 1.0 API. We are currently using this as our default artifact in our spinnaker pipelines for the helm tgz files and the override files.
Our requests were previously doing:<user>/<repo_name>/raw/<branch>/<path_to_files>

they now need to do:<user>/<repo_name>/src/<branch>/<path_to_files>

Now if this is a public repo, everything works great and we can put this url in the content_url

Unfortunately for us, we have private repos, and are getting a Forbidden message.
Doing the following curl works just fine (using the username and password that is specified in the /.hal/config file):

curl -u <username>:<password><user>/<repo_name>/src/<branch>/<path_to_files>

Is there a way to get this to work in Spinnaker in the context of getting artifacts from bitbucket?