Bake(Manifest) with HELM2 doesn't work when image updated but no changes in chart


I am a newbie in spinnaker & K8S v2 provider practice, and there is problem need your help.

I created a pipeline with Bake(manifest) which only accepts a trigger on a webhook of chart manifest changing happening.The chart will use latest tag to deploy the docker image and pull “Always”.

The first time, I triggered it and it worked, the application deployed in k8s cluster as well.
Later, I built the new docker image(changed some code in docker image) and pushed it into registry, but in chart, I only changed version of Chart.yaml and nothing else. Then triggered on webhook, and the spinnaker received and run the pipeline, but spinnaker did not install the new docker image(the k8s deployment & pod keeps with the first time) after spinnaker finished pipeline.

Meanwhile, to verify whether docker image was updated into registry successfully. I directly install the chart on k8s master node by “helm”, and the result is yes.

So I have new docker image and new chart package(even if only change the version), why spinnaker did not install the new docker image to k8s cluster?

curl {SPINNAKER_URL}/{WEBHOOK_API} -X POST -H “content-type: application/json”
-d “{“artifacts”: [{“type”: “s3/object”, “name”: “s3://spinnaker/charts/myfirstchart-0.1.0.tgz”, “reference”: “s3://spinnaker/charts/myhttpserverchart-${APP_VERSION}.tgz”}]}”