Bake (Manifest) with Helm Chart - Spinnaker 1.8/kubernetes v2


I have an application, and attempting to deploy a kubernetes manifest using a Helm Chart

  1. I have packaged the Helm chart in github as a .tgz file
  2. I have gone into Pipeline/Add Stage/Type=Bake(Manifest)
  3. In ‘Bake (Manifest) Configuration’ I have selected ‘Render Engine=HELM2’
  4. I want to use my Github .tgz file as ‘Expected Artifact’ .

Problem is that the ‘Expected Artifact’ is a dropdown list of available artifacts. In my case this is an empty list - that is my problem !

Does this artifact need to be brought into the pipeline by an earlier stage ? If so what stage type should I use to bring it in - its not obvious to me …

Grateful for some help/advice,

Many Thanks,



@k8sSpin have a look at this video that i made recently, it should explain a lot: Let me know if you have anymore questions!