AWS Lambda deployments via Spinnaker stage


Hi Spinnaker team,

We are using Spinnaker to do deployments in AWS and is working like a charm for EC2/AMI based applications. We have few applications with hybrid architecture which uses a combination of EC2 instances and Lambda functions.

It would be great to have a stage in Spinnaker which deploys to Lambda functions, so that we can have “one view release pipeline” in Spinnaker which deploys to both EC2 and Lambda functions as part of the same release.

Is this already on your priority list?

Please update your plan on this.



I agree! This is a much needed feature which is not there in Spinnaker yet :frowning:


Adding Lambda support in Spinnaker is on the horizon – we’ve done some thinking about it and some initial designs. I suspect we’ll have something by the end of the year.



Thanks for the reply. Thats a good news you’re thinking on that already.
In the mean time I was exploring the Webhook stage of Spinnaker to call the Lambda REST API. But looks like we need to sign the request. There is a date field as part of the headers which needs to be signed as well.

Can you provide a helper function to sign? Or if there is a better way of achieving the same. Please let me know.



Slightly offtopic - as it’s more about deploying with Serverless Framework - I’ve started another thread here: Serverless deployments with Spinnaker

But - as we are using the Serverless Framework - and not the “native” deployments of Lambda / Cloud Functions, we’re going to give a go for some “Run Job”'s. Let’s see what happens :slight_smile:


Hi @iniinikoski thanks for letting me know this. We are actually trying to eliminate the use of Jenkins. Providing such wide access to Jenkins is what we fear.


Any update?


Really waiting for this!


Hi All, Paul from AWS here. The first bits of Lambda integration were merged 2 months ago ( We are continuing to work on the Lambda integration. We are focused on adding ALB Target support for Lambda and exploring Deck UI enhancements.

If you have questions feel free to ping me on the Spinnaker slack, my handle is “proberts.”