Authenticating a Webook Trigger


Hi all,

I’m trying to setup a Manifest based k8s deployment, using a webhook trigger, and Bitbucket to source the manifests. I’ve got the Bitbucket part sorted out, however I’m having permissions issues when trying to trigger the webhook, telling me that “Access is denied to account my-k8s-account”. If I manually trigger the pipeline using the artifacts from the previous execution it works, but I am stuck on automatic triggering.

What kind of changes do I need to make for webhook trigger based authentication? I’ve tried including authentication in my POST payload, but that doesn’t seem to have any affect. Is there something simple I am missing, or is the issue a bit more complicated than that?


I was able to solve it, apparently even though the run as user option does not appear in the UI, it still works if you add it to the YAML configuration manually.