ASG and Launch Config problem


i’ve defined ASG and Launch config on AWS and Spinnaker.When spinnaker starts deployment it’s created new ASG with incorrect launch config .But i assinged ASG to correct launch config on AWS.

For example:
ASG name (defined AWS and Spinnaker): newASG
Launch Config name(defined AWS): NewLaunchConfig.
old LaunchConfig name (defined AWS): OldLaunchConfig
NOT: i’ve old launch configs and ASGs

spinnaker created new intances with newASG and OldlaunchConfig.
my pipelines is contains “Configuration > Clone Server Group > Wait > Enable Server Group> Resize Server Group> Shrink Cluster”

i defined ASG name to “Clone Server Group, Enable Server Group, Resize Server Group” on spinnaker pipeline.

why spinnaker created incorrect launch config with correct ASG?