Applications Names still require Frigga?


I’m not sure that this is a common pattern in Spinnaker but I’ve felt lately that having a concept of a devops or master application in spinnaker that can delegate to other application pipelines could be a useful construct for shared concepts across applications. Whether that’s running generic smoke-tests, or coordinating releases of applications such that no two are ever deploying at the same time.

While this post isn’t about that (although I would love feedback on why that is or isn’t a great idea) recently I went to create a devops Application in spinnaker and attempted to name it project-devops.

As I’m sure you are aware this is the resulting screen I got.

I have a few questions around this.

  1. Kubernetes V2 applications are automatically detected in a cluster… why would I ever create this type of application manually and thus why is this just a warning and not an error?

  2. What exactly is the reason that Frigga is still being enforced on this? If spinnaker is shared across multiple projects there isn’t really a great way to namespace applications.

  3. It seems like it works regardless of whether or not i’m using Kubernetes v2 for this specific application or any of its pipelines…

  • Initially when I created this it took a while for this application to show up and instead I saw (and still see) project listed as an application… I now also see project-devops

Curious if any light can be shed on this as it seems like a bug is happening somewhere but not really sure what’s supposed to happen in this scenario.