3 to 7 high-level steps that all Spinnaker implementations have in common


If there were a small launching-point “Getting Started Guide” that was applicable to all users (excluding install/setup users) have in common, what would be the high-level steps?

The real question here is: is this even possible, or are different implementations (environments, uses) so diverse that it’s impossible to generalize to common high-level steps?

@Steven_Kim, @lwander


What should the users be left with after they finish the 3-7 steps? Something like a source to prod deployment pipeline?


A high-level view of that, yes. And pointers to a hopefully comprehensive set of procedures for different possible implementations.


I think 3-7 high-level steps would be possible, but they might be very high-level. For example,

1. Set up your image bakery

Depends on:

  • How you produce your compiled artifacts.
  • Which type of images your deploying.
  • Whether you are relying on Spinnaker’s bakery or an external one

2. Decide what delineates your environments

Depends on:

  • Your cloud provider.
  • Your network configuration.
  • What your security/isolation concerns are.

3. Setup a bake & deploy to staging pipeline

Depends on 1 & 2

4. Setup a validation pipeline

Lots of ways to do this

5. Setup a promote to production pipeline